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13th - 14th February 2016
Location: Tim Valling’s Farm, 64 Bint Road, Maugakaramea, North Island
For maps and directions please see the inside back cover
Programme: This AGM will mostly take place at Tim’s place with a possi-
ble field trip to a nearby location. So it will be a quite laid-back affair with
plenty of time to chat and look at bamboos.
Friday: Greeting members, drinks, brazier, bamboo talk.
Saturday: Forge building with bamboo charcoal
Lunch - please bring your own
Garden tour
Dinner in Whangarei
Sunday: Possible field trip
Plant auction
There is camping type accommodation at Tim’s farm, please get in touch
directly with Tim.
There is a restored kauri villa nearby Tangihua Retreat which is available
for the weekend. It’s very handy for Tim’s, just a few KM’s up the road. It
has three double bedrooms and the whole place would cost $500 for the
whole weekend from Friday night. So please get in touch with Tim if you
are interested as there has to be enough people sharing the cost of this. It
will be fairly reasonable if there are 6-8 people included.
Other than that it’s less than half an hour to the centre of Whangarei, so
there is plenty of accommodation there.
It will help Tim with the planning if members let Tim know either way if they
will be attending the AGM. So RSVP to Tim whose contact details are

 ph 021 203 9880 

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.