This Years AGM

NZ Bamboo Society 2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM will be held in Wellington hosted by Jack and Jill Fenaughty at their home at 951 Makara Road, Makara, from Friday 23rd February to Sunday 25th .

For those people who arrive on Friday, the plan is to have a welcome BBQ that evening in a mellow relaxed environment, no activities planned, just socialising. On Saturday, in the morning Jack and Jill will show members around the property then we’re off on a trip to the wind turbine complex just down the road. It’s really fascinating to read the information posts and see what the turbines are capable of and you can walk right up to one of them and stand under it and crane your neck upwards…After that, we’ll adjourn to the Makara Beach for a picnic lunch and a walk up to the gun emplacements. Makara Beach has always been the start or end point for the swim across the Strait and on a fine day you can clearly see the South Island from the top of the walkway.

After lunch we’ll visit Zealandia, the renowned conservation sanctuary, which is open from 09: 00 to 5pm. We have some options on what we want to do here – we can simply walk around it at our leisure unguided during the day, or we can take a guided tour either for a day trip, a twilight trip or an evening tour. Zealandia does not allow unescorted twilight or evening visiting. The charges are substantially different as you’d expect. General day admission is $19.50 per adult, $16.50 for seniors (you’ll need to show your gold card). The daytime guided tour is a 2 hour tour, $55 per person. The twilight 2 hour guided tour is $70 per person; the night 2.5 hour guided tour is $85 per person. The tourism co-ordinator says the daytime visit is great for seeing a wide variety of plants and daytime fauna species, the twilight tour takes place while there is still a lot of daylight allowing you to see a wide variety of daytime flora and fauna and take in the birds evening chorus, and the evening tour focusses primarily on nocturnal animal species that come out after sunset. The café is open from 09:00-5pm on the weekends. If anyone wishes to take a twilight or evening tour, please advise Jill as early as possible as numbers are limited and will need to be booked in advance. On Sunday morning we’ll follow the tradition and hold the AGM and the auction starting at 10:00. Accommodation For those who like camping there is plenty of room at Jack and Jill’s to camp, either outside or undercover sleeping in the big farm shed. Just let us know if you intend to camp in or out. There are many AIRBNB operators in Karori which is 20 minutes drive away or in Johnsonville, same distance away, or in the city of Wellington itself which is 35 minutes drive away. Directions The address to key in to your GPS or your phone is 951 Makara Road. There's 2 routes to Makara, from the north via Johnsonville or west via Karori. If you're coming in from the motorway, your gps will probably take you to the cottage via Johnsonville which is the shortest route by quite a bit. You just need to know this is a true country road, very windy & very narrow in parts, and you need to be alert and drive it carefully. It’s scenic and a good road, just narrow. There are no supermarkets or shops on this route. If you are happy to take this route, do any grocery shopping before you reach the motorway or in Johnsonville itself. At the end of the Takarau Gorge Road, take the turnoff to the right to Makara Beach. If you would prefer to take an easier but longer route stay on the motorway till you come to the exit to Karori called Hawkestone Street exit. That will take you along Glenmore Street through the Karori Tunnel into Karori. If you're coming from the city, you'll be coming via Karori. There are supermarkets and takeaway shops and cafes in Karori, which is 20 minutes away by car from the cottage. Drive to the very end of Karori Road (the main road through Karori), go past the big park at the end, then you'll see a sign that says Makara and a street called Makara Road heading off to your right up a big hill. Our house and AIRBNB cottage is 9.51 kms from the start of the Makara road. After roughly 8.1 kms you'll come to a fork in the road; take the road to the left which goes to the Makara Beach. After roughly 1.4 kms you'll come to the cottage on the left hand side of the road. When you see the kennels on the beach road called the Dog Bach Boarding Kennels, that's number 879 so you're getting close - next look for a sign on the tree on the left hand side of the road which says Te Whare iti is 100 metres further on. As soon as you go past the next blind corner, look for 2 mirrors on a telegraph pole on the right hand side of the road, and that’s our driveway directly opposite on the left. We look forward to seeing you. Cheers, Jack and Jill Fenaughty This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 027 451 6480